A Project to Integrate Technology and Social Studies: An Example

The "Integrating Science and Technology" project requires students to understand where different points of view and explain them, in addition to finding the different views on the web. One possible way of framing the assignment is thus:

Assignment--Complete questions #1 - 5.

1. Find three different web pages that address the same or closely related issues. (Three was chosen because it will allow students to see that biases and points of view are multi-dimensional, and do not simply have a "one way or the other" or "right and wrong" answers.)

2. Who posted each of the web pages? How does that affect the way in which they present the issue?

3. What are some hints that the information may be biased?

4. Does the world wide web give each/any of the organizations different options or less constraints than other forms of media?

5. What lessons can be learned from this assignment?

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