Why should technology be used?

Technology should be used as a resource. The limits of what is available are barely there, as the internet has now opened up public access to almost any database and website available. There are thousands of websites that touch on every subject we teach in school. Not only are there a wealth of resources for students to use for research and interactive labs, but also a wealth of compilations of lessons plans and resources for teachers.

Technology is immediately available to an ever-increasing number of students in the world; the availability is changing the face of education all over the world.

Technology and the use of the internet is full of resources and ideas that teachers and schools could never afford in time and money.

We "don't have to re-invent the wheel...". Teachers are so very busy, so full of the stresses of time on our grading, planning, and project ideas, that the availability of lesson plans, of ideas and laboratory exercises and pictures and movies...all of which is a huge contributor to the encompassing and creative value of our curriculum.

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