What is technology?

My first thought is that technology is the use of multimedia in the classroom. Of course, I recall reel-to-reel films in fourth grade that would fit under that category! They were wonderful, but I will be referring to a subject-specific set of media that most focuses on the use of the internet, as well as video-taping, videomicroscopy, computer-simulated labs, and Powerpoint. The internet is even still a very broad suggestion, which I have narrowed down to discuss the use of email, informational databases, project and lesson planning websites, and lab "facilities" (options for dissection or physical science simulations).


One of the major benefits to technology is the vast number of options available, but I believe this is also one of the major downfalls. Hopefully my choice to focus on the above aspects of technology will remove some of the enormity of the issue! This compilation is by no means comprehensive, but is my attempt to narrow down the options in order to most effectively look at my understanding of why technology should be used, and how that best happens in a science classroom.

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