How should technology be used?

Two ways:

1.To facilitate learning within the classroom.

    In the form of computer-simulated labs and interactive CD ROMs, and for help with increasing the options for student presentations through the use of videography and Powerpoint programming. Video-microscopy can be extremely effective in a large classroom in which the facilities and/or materials are not available for all the students to experiment individually. The internet brings the option for wonderful demonstrations, clear and easy-to-use project ideas, fascinating simulated dissections, and access to databases that can be used for daily information about weather patterns and current events.


2. To enhance and further learning outside of the classroom.

    Students are growing by leaps and bounds in the ease of access to technology, and their familiarity with technology, which is evidenced in the amount of work they do outside of the classroom that utilizes the technological options available to them.

    Students with learning differences have been using word processing programs for their homework, as well as programs that work on their skills in the classroom, and it has been neat to see improvements in several students' level of academic work through the use of different forms of technology. The options that are presented do so compliment Bruner's theory of Multiple Intelligences by providing innumerable ways of working towards an understanding of the subject material that is covered in a science classroom.

    Research has been improved in many ways. The internet has provided kids who can't drive themselves to the library every night to research a project not only able to get some information, but able to get any resources that are available at the library in their own homes! The speed and ease with which the internet brings us information has changed my assignments and expectations for research because the students can now access vast amounts of information!

    Interactions with parents have been facilitated with the use of email. Parental contact has been much more frequent and informal through the ease of sending messages with the click of a mouse, which has resulted in improved academic work in their students in several cases. The accountability that the kids have to their parents is much greater when the parents are more informed; clearly, this interaction has improved both my work in the classroom, and the parent's involvement at home.




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