Recommendations for using technology

  • Time- The preparation of multimedia techniques for classroom use is necessary in order to utilize time well, but the downside is that the preparation itself takes quite a bit of time. Patience is a very important virtue when using technology, especially by those who are not particularly comfortable with the use of technology.

  • Email- It is saved for posterity, and must be taken seriously! Editing is an important part of the message process, just as it would be on any letter to a company or co-worker. The ease of email also encourages a great increase in the mass amount of information and work that can be done in an inter-personal way.

  • Information from the internet- It is necessary to be discerning about what is good and bad on the internet, and there are not good, uniform guidelines about what is available for the public.

  • Multiple intelligences- I continue to remind myself that there are serious benefits for some students in writing with paper and pencil, or reading a text, or drawing a picture using their motor skills.



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