Communications Community at Thomas Fitzsimons Middle School

By Arvel Wells

What is Communications?

This term is used in many arenas. Communication is the way in which others are able to relay messages to each other. The art of oral communication is a very common way of expression. Nonetheless, there are other ways to communicate. It is imperative in our society, that we become diverse in our thinking about a variety of ways to communicate with others.

Inspite of ones diverseness, language is the link to survival in society. We must provide for the continuous development of multi-intelligences in our community.

We will focus on the following words to help us bring about clarity and understanding. We will define and discuss these subwords:


My community will explore the variety of ways to communicate with diverse groups.

Communication is a powerful way to understand diversity and to discover new means of relating to our global environment.

Many communication mechanisms used by nature apply to human communication. Let's observe and explore how animals commune with their society.

How do animals communicate?

How do Humans communicate?

Using a variety of mediums, students will explore the various ways that others communicate and why it is important to be able to communicate with others. Students can use their imagination to explore a variety of answers to the following questions:

1. Why is communication important?

2. Name the three forms of communication you use daily.

3. How do others respond to your communication?

4. What communication skills allow others to see you in a positive light?

5. What communication do you display that is distasteful to others?

6. What are positive non-verbal communication skills?

7. What is the importance of knowing different languages.

8. How can we use technology to expand and enhance communication?

The anticipated outcome is that students will be able to actively engage in a variety of communication forums. Students will make discoveries and learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of language.