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Thoughts During Diversity and Discovery Institute 1998 Discussion of Diversity and Deviance

Would it be seen as providing an argument for deprivation of opportunity, elimination of affirmative action?

Tension between order and disorder meaingful in lots of contexts, including human mortality/death?

Maybe if things changed faster, or if there were more external challenges, we wouldn't have the current need to defend diversity; it would simply be accepted as valuable that each person makes their unique contributions (as happens during wars or in other crises in which humans face together an external threat). Perhaps it would be good for teachers to create challenges for a class as a whole, so individuals could feel their different valuable contributions?

Educators tend to "group", in terms of norms and standards. Such pigeon-holeing not good for encouraging belief in/respect for diversity.

Too utopian a vision?

Implications for things like cloning?

Diversity a more successful way to deal with external problems

Suggests moving beyond equality to something richer

Why do brains tend to classify as superior/inferior?

Might make sense to deal more with classes as collective personality in addition to students only as individuals.

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