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1. Truth?? Science is simply incursive seeking to provide a more comprehensive understanding of things once thought beyond our grasp.

2. Scientifically true, but innately maybe accepted because of personal beliefs, experiences, etc.

3. Science is a systematic search "truth" may not be attainable- try to approach it-can never reach it.

4. Science, I agree, is a search for truth. In order to find truth being systematic (following an order) is not always the best procedure.

5. Truth is relative to the observation and conclusions when discussed and/or agreed upon by a population of scientists.

6. Science is a process for systematically gaining information about particular areas under study-not necessarily Truth. Truth is too abstract and subjective.

7. I agree.

8. No!! Science is life-trying to become less wrong!!!

9. I agree with the statement. One must allow for variations of truth, as there is no absolute truth. One searches for differences in the nature of things.

10. I agree. The scientific method of proof enables one to see why or why not. This allows for understanding or at least the beginning of discovery.

11. Science is the systematic search for the beginning of everything. A search for facts, truth and understanding.

12. Science is one of the systematic searches for truth.

SYNTHESIS: (By Pat and Joan)