Bryn Mawr College Math/Science Computing Resources

This list is intended to provide a central location to provide information about the computing resources available in the Math and Science departments at Bryn Mawr College, with the hopes that making this information available to everyone, we can utilize all the resources available as much as possible. The data listed here and on the Smart Classroom website, together includes computers, software, printers and projection systems. For a list of the smart classroom facilities available in the Math & Sciences, please visit the Bryn Mawr College Instructional Technology Team Smart Classrooms website.


Productivity/Web/Graphics Platform Dept. - # of licenses Description
Adobe Illustrator 8.0

Mac Geo - 1 Vector graphics creation for print and the Web
Adobe PageMill 3.0 Mac CS - 9 Web page creation tool with WYSIWYG interface
Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Mac Bio - 1
CS - 1
Image editing and processing tool for print and the Web
Adobe Photoshop LE Mac Geo - 1
CS - 1
Introductory suite of Photoshop tools
Canvas 7 Pro

Canvas 7 SE
Bio - 1
Geo - 2
Geo - 6
Image-editing and vector graphics Web design tool
Standard Edition
Dreamweaver 3.0 Mac Bio - 1 Graphical User Interface to create Javascript webpages
Flash 4.0 Mac Bio - 1 Make Flash web movies
Director 8 Mac Bio - 1 Interactive web exhibits in shockwave format
Data Analysis and Acquisition
CARIS PC Geo - 1 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Deltagraph 4.5
Deltagraph 4.0
Geo - 3
Geo - 2
Scientific graphing, from SPSS
Igor Pro 3.12 Mac Bio - 1 Graphing and data analysis
Instrunet Mac Bio - 7 Data acquisition
Kaleidagraph 3.0 Mac
Phys - 2
Phys - 1
Data graphing and analysis
Statview 3.0 Mac Geo - 3 Data analysis, from SAS
Superscope 3.0 Mac Bio - 7 Data acquistion
CodeWarrior 5 Mac Math/CS - 100 Programming/software development tools
GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)   Geo Useful for making regional or global maps using command-line scripts
Mathematica Mac/PC/UNIX site license Calculations, modeling, simulations, and visualization
Phys - ?
Bio - 1
Geo - 1
Numeric computation, graphics and visualization, high-level programming language
MODFLOW PC Geo - 10 Ground water flow modeling, from Waterloo Hydrogeologic
Spartan 4.0
Spartan 5.0
Chem - 1
Chem - 1
Molecular modeling tool Hydrogeologic
Stella 5.0 Mac
Geo - 7
Geo - 7
Systems interactions and modeling
WellTest PC Geo - 1 Ground water pump modeling, from Waterloo Hydrogeologic
Anchovie, SimEarth, Stereonets   Geo Teaching and demonstration software
EndNote Mac Bio - 1 Bibliographic tools
eXodus Mac Chem - ? X-terminal emulator
Foolproof Mac Geo - 7 Computer security tool
MacX Mac Math - ? X-terminal emulator
Textures Mac Math - 20 Interactive, integrated implementation of the TeX typesetting language
Timbuktu Pro 5.0 Mac CS - 10
Math - 15
Remote control and file transfer software
Virtual PC 3.0 Mac Bio - 1
CS - 2
PC emulation on Macintosh computers

Computer Accessories

Device Dept. Description
Digitizing tablet Geo 2' x 3'
Roll plotter Geo Print oversized plots and posters
Slide Scanner Bio Digitize slides