Culture of the New Deal Era

American History III-A

Miss Steinberg

You are an historian. It is your job to locate information on a particular aspect of culture in the 1930s in the United States. In the midst of a devastating economic depression, you would think that culture would be ignored. This is, in fact, quite the opposite of the truth. Through government-sponsored programs, the arts flourished in the 1930s, and people eager to find an inexpensive escape from their troubles flocked to moviehouses, free exhibits, etc. You have already selected an area of culture that you wish to explore. Use the following links to get your search started. Once you've found a sufficient amount of information, use the Internet and your brains to develop a creative way of presenting your type of culture to the class. Your presentation should be roughly 5-10 minutes and should include at least one visual representation of your project.

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