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This page is designed for the students of Mr. Flaster's eighth grade math classes. You can find your homework assignments here as well as the Aim's for the past two weeks. You can also find cool links to some really interesting math pages that I have found.

Calvin And Hobbes by Bill Watterson 2/22 Copyright 1995 by Universal Press Syndicate

Don't feel like doing your homework? Check out these websites and they'll motivate you to do your math!! ;)
Need a calculator? Click here!
Want some challenging Math problems to work on? This is a great site because you actually get an answer to your submission. The questions are good too! Check it out.
Do you need to ask someone a question? Click here.
Are you stuck on a problem?Try this page for some extra help.
Homework Update
Green Book

  1. March 20: page 264 #11-39 every fourth
  2. March 21: page 264 #10-40 even
  3. March 22: Sheet 80 "Where do Tadpoles in a Pawn Shop come from?" Answer: from a frog pawned.
  4. March 23: Study for tomorrow's QUIZ on 6-1
  5. March 24: Sheet 84 "Why didn't klutz do any homework on Saturday? Answer: He was in a weekend condition.
  6. March 27-31: No homework except to review the practice test for the PSSA's on Monday to Thursday.
  7. April 3:

Aim's for the past two weeks:
  1. March 20: 6-1 Factoring Part II
  2. March 21: 6-1 Part III
  3. March 22: 6-1 Part IV
  4. Review for quiz tomorrow!!
  5. March 24: QUIZ

  6. Frank &Ernest by Bob Thaves10/15 Copyright by NEA Inc.

    Here's a cartoon relevant to Mr. Flaster's Periods 6 and 9 classes. It relates to the Aim for 11-6! Do you get it? :)

    Calvin And Hobbes by Bill Watterson9/12 Copyright 1990 by Universal Press Syndicate