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Links to Sites on Physics Topics, Physicists, Research Laboratories, and Places to Get Your Physics Questions Answered!

Welcome physicists! Physics studies matter and energy, and the relationship between these two quantities. Physicists study the natural world involving objects smaller than atoms and larger than galaxies.

Anyone who has hit a ball (or been hit by one), been in a car, or ridden a bicycle has utilized physical intuition. Physical intuition is knowledge about the world that arises from interactions with one's surroundings.

Physicists categorize their understanding of the world based on observations. By studying how systems work (why does the ball travel in an arc from pitcher to batter? why do you lurch forward when a driver suddenly slams on the brakes? why is a bike easier to balance when it moves faster?) physicists learn the relationships and concepts that surround us. You too have studied the world and seen nature at work. You have been doing physics all your life!

This page is made for students enrolled or interested in physics. It serves as a jump site to numerous other sites on the web.

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