Education, Science, and the Brain

" ... to make true science learners out of you and your children. It is also meant to be fun ..."

Balls and Ramps - Hands on Inquiry Science Curriculum - Education Development Center, Inc.

  • Your students ALREADY know how to do it.
  • So do YOU.
  • IS fun.
  • Need only to remember, allow self and students to do it, model the process/fun.

Science is ... ?

  • Noticing things that one is interested in
  • Making up explanations
  • Testing the explanations
  • Being wrong
  • Doing it again, and again, and ...
  • Taking enjoyment from all of the above
    INCLUDING being wrong ... and getting less so

Brains (yours AND theirs) come equipped to do science

The Brain as Inquirer - Lessons for Education

Science, brain, education - The parallels

Enjoy helping others learn, learn yourself, share what you learn