Forms of assessmentSkills and outcomesCongruent pedagogical approach
Multiple choice, true/false, fill-in the blank, etc.Recall, recognition, or ability to reason one's way to the expected answerDeliver information to students, emphasize that there are single right answers
Prescribed essaysTest student ability to select, synthesize, organize, and articulate their understandign of a relatively bounded body of knowledge in written formOffer students regular opportunities to answer focused questions both inside and outside of class.
Open-ended essaysSelect, synthesize, organize, make connections among, and analayze bodies of knowledge in written formOffer students regular opportunities to write critically and reflectively both inside and outside of class.
Oral reportsSelect, synthesize, organize, and articulate their understanding in oral formIntegrate into lesson plans opportunities for students to talk in class (in groups, in large discussion, in informal presentations of points or ideas)
ExhibitionsSelect, research, synthesize, organize, and articulate their understanding of a large body of knowledge in oral and written form Offer students regular opportunities to research, write critically and reflectively, and present their work
Progressive reportingAssess where student is and where s/he needs to goInvite student input and/or choice in activities or plans
Interactive explorationWork with other students and/or a variety of materials to design and create somethingGive students opportunities to work together and create original products
PortfolioGive students opportunity to select, organize, reflect on, and present their understanding in an ongoing as well as summative formOffer students regular opportunities to step back from their work, select representative pieces to rework and/or reflect on
Oral interviewsListening skills, process auditory informationHave students engage in conversation, put material into use
Build web pageAdds technology pieceNeed additional technology experience
Video productionScript, engage actors, editing, performanceadditional technology experience

Disciplinary groupPedagogical approach for desired skillCongruent form of assessment
Social studiesTaking a trip in center city, oral history, giving new experience of world, logistical problemsOral reports
LanguagesMore variety in practive, more than repititionOral interview
EnglishImparting information vs acquiring skills, different teacher styles elicit different skills, remember teacher diversity a good thingAssessment needs to vary with style/stage of exploration, try to make variation explicit
TheologyHow to present materials related to "religious life styles", worked with languages, focus on historical relevant figures, present in video life in context, and create liturgyCompare across videos, with free lunch for week to best
MathematicsGo out and explore interesting institutionAlternative assessment: discuss 500 word essay on interesting institution; have students to create math pretests on web
ScienceScience not body of knowledge but rather product of individuals asking questions, doing experiments. Ask students to define unanswered question, do proposed investigation, submit results/conclusions/extensionsAssessment ongoing and cumulative.

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