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March 10, 2004

Notes from Group B

o Student at Penn
o Optician since 1978
o Tavern/Restaurant owner 54 years
o Resident 20 years
o Student at Penn
o Resident 15 years
o Resident 40 years
o Resident 40 years
o Community Concerns Organization Leader 50 years

o Two biggest users are students and residents
o Two categories: North/South
o South: Prior 20 years not used by users from north because of the university
o North: 40th and Market, Market is the dividing line
o Most Penn students on the south side of Market
o Filbert to Baltimore is just a quarter of a square of market. It forgets the north side.
o In reference to the optician business, in last 10 years it has increased with south coming north. The trend is that students are coming south to north.
o More business from 38th and Market
o Why hasn't it been more?
o People forget about 40th unless they need the "L"
o 40th and Market is the hub of the city.
o University has rid us of business
o Penn needs to become more community friendly.
o "Don't give me a fish; teach me to fish."

o University, Supermarkets, new elementary school k-8, nail salon, beauty shop, entertainment,
o Clothing store, meeting spot, restaurants of different types
o Services: established for a long time
o Shop repair just closed.
o Banks
o Eckerd
o Tattoo parlor
o Renovated Library

Future uses
o Chestnut and south more student uses-business were put there with students in mind
o Gear toward community uses
o In future more student uses
o Students are the basic market.
o Stores that don't service students may not survive.
o New businesses ask," What are the possibilities of students coming to my store?"
o As university expanded, it forced out mom/pop business.
o 40th going through Lancaster is very viable, but Penn is ignoring this area.
o Penn needs to start considering the north side.
o Penn and Drexel students are going that way.
o Drexel has just begun to grow in the last five years.
o Before, young people had more money to spend. Residents are now spending on the same type of products as students.
o A supermarket mixes all the possible users.
o Businesses need to be tailored to all. Without student business, they may not survive.
o It has been an issue that the university has geared commercial development toward students.
o Community kids are wearing Penn gear.
o Build a better structure between community and students.
o Security has improved due to Penn.

What supports uses? What gets in the way?
o I would like to see a gym back on 40th and Locust.
o I would like to see a community center with all community groups working together.
o Things conducive to all residents
o Shopping: service not only students but seniors and families
o Restaurants with outdoor tables
o Walkways with lights
o Handicap access
o Access community input by holding meetings at the north end.
o Parking is a problem.
o We want to achieve change in bites we can handle.
o Change happens: you start where you can win.
o For example, a little at a time students moved north
o I will go north because I feel more secure.
o A lot happens on Penn campus that you don't hear about.
o Lighting, more people out, university security service north of Market
o The safety ambassadors don't work the north side. It really hasn't changed.
o Students are recognizing the fallacy of the old myths about crime.
o We don't feel safe coming down the street.
o We will miss the point of tonight if it is seen as Penn vs us.
o Students won't go north of Chestnut except to go to the state store.

· Make everyone feel welcome
· Coalition: community residents, Drexel, Penn, VA Hospital, HUP, CHOP
· Anything on 40th must appeal to people who live there first.
· Safer streets, more people to feel secure, a two way street of respect (University/Residents)
· Public relations to dispel misconceptions (where misconceptions are a constraint)
· The look of 40th street
· Make the ambassadors more effective. There needs to be more and better trained ambassadors. Ambassadors are currently at risk themselves.
· Fill up vacant spaces
· New stores must provide a good mix of services.
· A mix of small, privately owned stores and large stores
· Actively go after stores that make a good mix.

A vision of 40th street
o Open-air market with vendors
o Planters and greenery/ twinkling lights
o Tables and chairs out doors
o Refreshments
o Friendly people
o Renovated library
o Foot traffic

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