40th Street Steering Committee

Click here to read the Steering Committee's letter to developer Bob Hoe demanding better precautions be taken for pedestrian safety in the 40th Street corridor!

Glenn Bryan, Community and City Relations, U of PA
Bob Christian, University City Review
John Fenton, University City District
Captain Joseph Fischer, University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Sheri Halpern, Civic House Associates Coalition, U of PA
Ajamu Johnson, People's Emergency Center Community Development Corporation
Beth Ann Johnson, Friends of Walnut West Free Library
Lucy Kerman, President's Office, U of PA
Kathy Laws, resident, 3901 Market Street
John Leatherberry, West Powelton Community Association
Scott Maits, West Philadelphia resident and transportation planner
Alicia Marini, Civic House Associates Coalition, U of PA
Connie Lee Powell, A Green Thing, 3901 Market Street
Richard Rogers, Neighbors Against McPenntrification
Deborah Sanford, 40th Street Area Business Association
George Stevens, 701 Graphics
Matthew Walker, The Partnership Community Development Corporation
Matthew Wolfe, University City Republican Committee
Andrew Zitcer, The Rotunda, Facilities and Real Estate Services, U of PA


Harris Sokoloff, Graduate School of Education, U of PA
Harris Steinberg, Penn Praxis, U of PA


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