People's Emergency Center (PEC)

325 North 39th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

People's Emergency Center is the oldest and most comprehensive service agency serving homeless women, children and teens in Pennsylvania. Since 1972, PEC has helped thousands of abused, abandoned and homeless women and children to rebuild lives of dignity through programs that help them to help themselves. PEC accomplishes this through a comprehensive array of services which includes: emergency shelter, food and clothing; intensive case management and social services; parenting education; health, nutrition, and lifeskills workshops; welfare-to-work services; transitional housing; and help in obtaining permanent housing, including the creation of housing units.

People's Emergency Center Community Development Corporation (PECCDC) was created in 1992 with a mission to promote the strategic revitalization of neighborhoods in West Powelton while also providing housing opportunities for PEC clients. As a catalyst for change, PECCDC leverages neighborhood assets, forges strategic partnerships and responds directly to the needs of the community to bring a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization. PECCDC now provides a wide range of neighborhood preservation, community building, and commercial development programs and projects to transform our neighborhood into a "Community of Choice."

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