The Calvary Center for Culture and Community

Calvary United Methodist Church
801 S. 48th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Calvary Center for Culture and Community:  The Calvary Center for Culture and Community is a 501-c-3 organization working on the restoration of the Calvary Church Building.  It has redeveloped the building for use not only as a sacred space (now housing four Christian congregations, including the original United Methodist, and a new Jewish synagogue), but also as a community center (housing University City Historical Society, Cedar Park Neighbors, and more community organizations) and a venue for culture and the arts. Calvary Center now offers the Crossroads Music Series, and beginning in May, 2005, will be the home of Curio Theatre.    

Upcoming Events:

The Calvary Center Arts Festival
May 6th - 22nd 2005
Featuring CurioTheatre, Crossroads Concerts, and much more.


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