The Rotunda

Gina Renzi, Executive Director ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


The Rotunda will present one Live Arts Festival production (live, with multiple performances) and three Philly Fringe productions (also live, with multiple performances), as well as one visual art show within the Philly Fringe. For schedule updates, check out the Rotunda website or the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival website.

For booking and general inquiries, please contact Gina Renzi at, or 215-573-3234. You can also contact Andrew Zitcer at

As a community gathering place for the promotion of arts and culture, The Rotunda seeks to bring together the Penn student community with the people of West Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area. We of The Foundation work from the belief that art is a catalyst for social change, and that arts events can lead to the formation of meaningful Penn-West Philadelphia/citywide partnerships.

The events presented here range from rock, electronic, jazz, and hip hop, to world fusion, ambient, punk, activist, spoken word, theater, panels, film, exhibits, dance, education, and various experimental forms of art and performance. National, touring acts often perform side by side with local artists, thereby strengthening Philadelphia's varied and historic music scenes.

Events are open to the public for free, with donations encouraged. As an alcohol-free, smoke-free venue, The Rotunda provides a valuable social alternative for young and older alike. In addition to public events, The Rotunda is used as a meeting, rehearsal, and workshop space for Penn student clubs as well as various West Philadelphia and citywide organizations.

Weekly Events:

  • Empress Thandi: Mondays, 7:15pm, yoga
  • 40th Street Summer Series: Saturdays, 2-5pm, various visual and performing arts activities

Monthly Events:

  • Andrew’s Video Vault: 2nd Thursdays, Cult classics, experimental films, new works.
  • Philadelphia Science Fiction Society: 2nd Fridays, science fiction and fantasy in literature, the arts, and popular culture.
  • Melange Theatre "Live": 2nd Sundays, vast array of theatrical performances, including opera, puppet theater, dance, comedy, jazz, and more.
  • Gate to Moonbase Alpha: 3rd Fridays, Electronic, ambient, and experimenal music, plus video and performance art.
  • Urban Writers Support Group: 3rd Sundays, subject to change, peer support and critique. Open to all writers.
  • Holistic Moms Network: Final Wednesdays, holistic parenting.
  • The Gathering: Final Thursdays, hip hop/breakdance.
  • Girls' DJ Open Spin: Final Saturdays, open spin.
  • Big Idea Promotions: Varies, wide array of rock music.

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