Nature, nurture, and evolution:

A discussion of the significance of genetics and evolution for understanding human behavior

Senior Seminar in Neural and Behavioral Sciences
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, Spring, 2002

Session 4: "Psychopathology" and "Personality"
Readings and Web Links

Human Genetics for the Social Sciences, from from Gregory Carey, Department of Psychology, University of Colorado - Chapters 22, 23

(Articles in general available from college computers only. If you have trouble with the URL's for the Scientific American articles, go to http://www.sciam, and search on article title)

Charles Nemeroff (1998) The Neurobiology of Depression, from Scientific American (June)

Patricia Rodier (2000) The Early Origins of Autism, from Scientific American (February)

Dean Hamer (1999) Your New Mind: Tweaking the Genetics of Behavior, from Scientific American, fall

Richard Cooper, Charles N.Rotimi, and Ryk Ward (1999) The Puzzle of Hypertension in African-Americans, from Scientific American, February

Genetics and Mental Health Disorders, report of the National Institutes of Mental Health's Genetics Workgroup (be sure to read Appendix E)

Loehlin, J.C. and Martin, H.G. (2000) Age changes in personality traits and their heritabilities during the adult years: evidence from Australian twin registry studies. Personality and Individual Differences 30: 1147-1160 (this journal and article can be reached on line via tripod on campus computers)

Questions for discussion: