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Genes, Brains, Behavior:
A Work in Progress

image by Rachel Grobstein

Paul Grobstein Tony Kaney

A newly evolving section of Serendip, focusing on the questions in the light of past and ongoing research on genetics, neuroscience, and behavior.

Like all things on Serendip, this section is committed to exploring the questions, rather than to presenting definitive answers. Exploration, though, always has to start somewhere. That somewhere is an ongoing conversation between two people who have worked and taught together at Bryn Mawr College and who share a common sense that two important principles are emerging from past and ongoing research in humans and other organisms:

Like the gene pool, brains, and behavior, this section of Serendip is permanently a work in progress. We hope to have additional new material in the near future. For the moment, available material is here:

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