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the Galaxy
Name: Rosie Mori
Date: 2002-09-15 02:19:04
Link to this Comment: 2683

i was really interested in what the professor said the other day about the galaxy. it really made me think about ourselves and our lives- how miniscule our existance is compared to how wide and limitless (basically) the universe is. it made think about people from all walks of life- those that work 24/7 on wallstreet, those that plop on the couch in front of the tv ordering pizza and buffalo wings every chance they get, those that go hiking every weekend and appreciate nature by bathing in streams and eating what they catch, and those who just live life watching each day pass not having the time to care for anything but themselves. these may all be extreme cases but all true in a sense, and i thought 'life is really short, what a waste to be doing all that.' after the lecture, i questioned my own values and plans for the (near) future and re-evaluated them.
and i was also wondering how people were able to figure out there were galaxies beyond ours and the whole milkyway concept. how do we even know about the blackhole? i really don't know anything about astronomy and i was wondering how people figured all of this out. just a bunch of questions i was thinking during/after class.

Name: rosie
Date: 2002-09-22 10:47:10
Link to this Comment: 2838

i was basically wondering what the advantages of having a internal bone structure was over a ventral nervous system. maybe we went over it in class and i just missed it...

Name: Alon
Date: 2002-09-30 13:17:02
Link to this Comment: 3031

I don't know if any one here is interested in this sort of thing but recently I was introduced to the concept that our very level of consciousness is within the programming of our D.N.A. Not necessarily in the sequence either! What was being proposed was that D.N.A. stores information in more than just the sequence the frequency at which the atoms of our genome vibrate, the spin of their electrons are all changing as we evolve and our consciousness expands! I've even heard of Scientists claiming that they've found individuals with more than the two strands that make up the 'standard' double helix. If any one is interested in this sort of thing or related stuff I'd love to hear from you.

Name: jo
Date: 2002-10-14 12:11:44
Link to this Comment: 3270

i have just started my a.s course in bioligy and the cooncept of "water potentail" has left me a bit confused. if any one can help me out and give me an explnation i would be gratfull.

Life what it is
Name: Jonathan C
Date: 2003-04-13 20:16:31
Link to this Comment: 5360

Hypothosis: Real life is not of that which we note as real

Real things of any nature fade and fail. They are transformed into other things or to nothing.

If there is true life it is and will be with out respect to time.

Time and space are linked and one does not exist with out the other.

Time and space are not of real life as they end.

Time and space are inventions of ourselves to be while we can not abide that which is beyond time and space.

Name: Sajjad Hal
Date: 2003-05-06 04:05:53
Link to this Comment: 5623

hey ppl...cud u ans my q??
we know that blood flows in vessels....but are they also present other than in vessels?? do they float outside vessels??...coz i was wonderin when we prick ourselves with a needle and blood oozes out...dos it mean we have necessarily and of course severed a vessel??....

one more thing...y can we notice the veins thru our skin but not the arteries??

hope u guys can help me out in this....

The History of Cell Biology---Actin
Name: Vladimir M
Date: 2003-05-09 08:25:01
Link to this Comment: 5640

Too many people forget now about what has been known in the scientific literature. Too many scientist try posing as INDEPENDENT researchers and don't want find an evident, often, their predecessors. When studying of scientific history will be financed enough, probably, we'll be forced to rewrite it anew.

I create a web-page about a history of cell biology for International Federation for Cell Biology and would like to use this message board to enhance some of my descriptions. I ask everybody, including librarians, to help me to the best of one's ability.

Searching Internet I quickly understood that web-sites often write off each other. There many contradictions in descriptions of the same facts or events. I would like to try solve at least small part of them. But even small historical problems need in collective participation of all who keeps at least a piece of truth. I am not so free with English and therefore I can not replay to every massage. I ask the future assistants be closer to the facts, documents etc. I also would be grateful for any offers concerning important facts of the history of cell biology. However, interesting reflections are welcomed too. Thank you all in advance.

The topic # 1. Actin history.

It is commonly accepted that actin was discovered by (Straub, 1942). Straub, who was working in Szent-Gyorgyi's laboratory extracted myosin A (now know as myosin) from fresh muscle and from the residue left over he isolated a new protein. This new protein when added to myosin A formed a highly viscous solution, similarly to what was known for myosin B (now known as actomyosin). Thus, Straub provided evidence that his new protein activated myosin A and therefore, called it actin.

But in 46 years Finck (1968) found Halliburton's paper of 1887. In this study protein was isolated form muscle and named 'myosin-ferment' which 'coagulated' myosin A quickly, i.e. strongly interacted with myosin A.

The question arose: who is discoverer of actin in fact, Straub or Halliburton?

I would be grateful to everyone who will help me to answer this question.

Dr. Vladimir Matveev
The History of Cell Biology:

* Straub FB, 1942. Actin. In: Studies from the Institute of Medical Chemistry University Szeged, vol. II (Szent-Gyorgyi, A. ed.) pp. 3-15, S. Krager, Basel-New-York: S. Krager.
* Fink H, 1968. On the discovery of actin. Science 160: 332. (Full text:
* Halliburton WD. 1887. On muscle plasma. J. Physiol. 8: 133.

Name: mike finn
Date: 2003-05-28 13:45:31
Link to this Comment: 5733

biology is a complex topic and is high in funding but can open new
opertunities for how we live and how we coop with our life andworld

blood flow
Name: joan schir
Date: 2003-08-23 01:59:21
Link to this Comment: 6286

Can anyone tell me if it is true that blood stops flowing at death. If so, then the passage in the new testament describing the Roman soldier stabbing the side of Jesus would prove that he was not dead ... since blood flowed . Am I correct?

Name: joan s
Date: 2003-08-23 02:03:25
Link to this Comment: 6287

Can anyone tell me if it is true that blood stops flowing at death. If so, then the passage in the new testament describing the Roman soldier stabbing the side of Jesus would prove that he was not dead ... since blood flowed . Am I correct?

Name: Maggie Tuc
Date: 2003-09-05 01:06:36
Link to this Comment: 6341

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, so if it's not right, sorry.

Moving on, the prof asked a question in class. It was after our conclusion that doctors and scientists don't really KNOW anything. That there are no 'truths' and that everything is sort of dependent on other factors. He followed this conclusion with a question: how does that make us feel? I didn't answer in class, but I'd like to here. I really think that I feel good about knowing that. If I believed everything I was told by a scientist or a group of doctors, and acted on whatever it was that they concluded, then my life really wouldn't be my own. I would be controlled by this outside authority. Life habits would have to be changing constantly to the extent that there wouldn't be any 'life habits' at all. I guess I'm just glad to have that control.

I'd also like to add that this class is already very different from any other science course I had in high a good way.


My Thoughts on Biology
Name: bmcgirl
Date: 2003-09-08 08:08:10
Link to this Comment: 6368

I have liked biology since I was in high school. Up until last week I had always looked at most biological concepts as being the truth, not ideas that could be argued apon. Part of this had to with how science was taught to me. No one ever said "think about this idea and think about how you might question it", it was always "learn this idea, except it, and let's move on". I'm happy to be in a new type of science class where I'm pushed to not except eveything as is, but to question.

Just a question.
Name: None
Date: 2003-11-27 23:57:03
Link to this Comment: 7403

I was just wandering if ALL animals of the same kind speak the same language. Like if some spanish horses are wandering and one of them suddenly sees a lion coming, he'd say, "Watch out, a lion is coming." Now if there was an american horse with those spanish horses would he understand what the spanish horse said?

Biolog& Poem
Name: Navid Helm
Date: 2003-11-29 05:08:55
Link to this Comment: 7405

Hi/ I`m awlays here.i take my last comment 2 years age and now 2003..
i`m working on Biology and Poem and human and non-human.
I`ll come back soon./

weblog of my poems in Farsi

The politics of male birth control
Name: Timothy
Date: 2004-02-01 17:30:36
Link to this Comment: 7869

With regards to your article: Sexual Politics and Sperm Inhibition:
The Male Birth Control Pill. Good points being made. It seems someone out there doesn't want men to any control family planning.

I have two personal cases where male control is needed. First, is a young 17-year-old girl who is pregnant with her second child. I know as a fact that she intentionally set out to get pregnant the first time, and I strongly believe this is the case again.

Yes, the father, who is 23 (we think he is the father but as usual can't be sure), made a choice to lay down with her, but I do not believe it was his choice father a child. Either should have the ability to "turn off" his or her reproduction for as long or as short as is desired and do it cheaply.

A closer to my live example would be my ex-wife. When she was 18 she got pregnant and received child support every two weeks. This biweekly monetary support was her objective. As it turned out he wasn't the father, he didn't know it until she and I got divorced. She voluntarily gave up her last year and a half of support ($11k.) Had this guy practiced or been able to practice reliable birth control he would have known from the start that his paternity was not possible in that case.

Everyone, male and female should have the ability to "turn off" their reproduction temporarily or permanently. To be able to do this safely, cheaply, easily and reliably as well.

Nifedipine sounds like a good start. Your reading suggests that there are indeed groups that don't want any individual to have that choice or control over their lives, especially male individuals.

"Drug companies don't see the male as having an active role in family planning." What was really being said is that some groups don't want men to have any control in family planing. These groups will continue to inhibit the advancement of this technology. Choice and control is where real politics are found.

I choose not to father. I still found control. Nuts to them.

Name: Vaega'au F
Date: 2004-02-10 16:29:59
Link to this Comment: 8103

Sorry for intruding in your website, but I am a student here at Chaminade University of Honolulu(CUH) and I just wanted to know who SL is, because I read her paper on Sleep Deprivation and I want to cite her name as one of my sources when I deliver my speech on Sleep Deprivation. Just feel free to put down any appropriate title that she holds, so my professor wouldn't think that I gave her a phony source. Thank you very much, I would really appreciate your help.

Name: Jin
Date: 2004-09-13 12:50:57
Link to this Comment: 10828

Dear All,

Are there any G protein coupled receptors on wild type CHO cells?

(Not transfected receptors)

What are they? and references?

Thanks in advance!

Jin from Chicago

blood type
Name: joan schir
Date: 2005-01-08 21:07:09
Link to this Comment: 12025

Do animals of a particular species...have differing blood types... as the human animal does.?

Name: Vladimir M
Date: 2005-03-31 02:15:55
Link to this Comment: 14178

Discussion of controversial problems in Cell Physiology

Join Google Group "Cell Physiology and Biophysics" to discuss hidden problems of a theory of the living cell:

Themes for discussion can be found on the following sites:

Public website:

There is the first therme for discussion in the group:


The last 50 years in the history of life sciences are remarkable for a new important feature that looks as a great threat for their future. A profound specialization dominating in quickly developing fields of science causes a crisis of the scientific method. The essence of the method is a unity of two elements, the experimental data and the theory that explains them. To us, "fathers" of science, classically, were (are) the creators of new ideas and theories. They were the true experts of their own theories. It is only they who have the right to say: "I am the theory". In other words, they were carriers of theories, of the theoretical knowledge. The fathers provided the necessary logical integrity to their theories, since theories in biology have not still to be based on strict mathematical proofs. It is not true for sons. As a result of massive specialization, modern experts operate in very confined spaces. They formulate particular rules far from the level of theory. The main theories of science are known to them only at the textbook level. Nowadays, nobody can say: "I am the theory". With whom, then is it possible to discuss today on a broader theoretical level? How can a classical theory - for example, the membrane one - be changed or even disproved under these conditions? How can the "sons" with their narrow education catch sight of membrane theory defects? As a result, "global" theories have few critics and control. Due to specialization, we have lost the ability to work at the experimental level of biology within the correct or appropriate theoretical context. The scientific method in its classic form is now being rapidly eroded.

Join our group!

personality disorder in homosexual males
Name: ps
Date: 2005-06-21 18:57:28
Link to this Comment: 15360

My son came out to us three years ago when he was twelve. Since then we have tried to study this subject and get more information in an attempt to understand it and be able to help him and ourselves. There are many things I have noticed about him and other gay men since then. I do believe that it is a hyper self image ( a hyper narcisisim, if you will) They are thinking about themselves twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is very prevelent that in their minds everyone is thinking about them, or talking about them all the time. My personal opponion is that they love themselves to the extreme so much that they are only attracted to someone like them. I do think that it is a personality difference, not disorder. Most gay men have unnaturally low self image. This may account for the studies that show that gay men have a high rate of eating disorders. My son thinks that everyone is looking at him all the time and talking about him all the time. Normally, people think that once in a while, but he thinks that literally every moment of the day. It is not a normal thinking pattern. He also exsibits very selfish behaivor, even mean at times. Which is abnormal as well. There are very spicific behaivor patterns in gay men. Having said all of that he is a very smart, well rounded, well grounded person. I do hope to learn more about this subject. Everything I have read in the world of science points more to environment, rather than biological reasons, unless of corse it is a personality disorder, which is very hard to diganose, as with other personality disorders. I would like to find a study that would pull all of the information, facts, not emotion, about gay men together in order to help those that are gay to have a better life and healthier outlook on themselves and others around them.

Name: Anne Patie
Date: 2006-02-21 07:28:21
Link to this Comment: 18260

How does the placenta prevent the transmission of HIV?

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Link to this Comment: 18321

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blood flow
Date: 2006-05-05 14:53:39
Link to this Comment: 19247

I have a new email address now I am still interested to hear any comments on whether blood ceases to flow at death....... any ideas?

Name: Joan Schir
Date: 2006-05-05 14:55:37
Link to this Comment: 19248

whoops, I failed to put my name on the comment I wrote.on wheter or not blood flows after death

Name: joan schir
Date: 2006-05-05 14:57:54
Link to this Comment: 19249

Does anyone know what blood type is on the cloth at Turin?

Name: Ingrid
Date: 2006-09-30 16:51:44
Link to this Comment: 20566

During class something was said about planets constantly moving, and I was wondering if in fact this is true why is it that the earth seems to stay in the same place. I also heard in the class that things are similar because they have similar ancestors, but if we do have similar ancestors and we are a product of the Big Bang why are we the only planet around the solar system that has life?

Forum Archived
Name: Webmaster
Date: 2006-10-05 12:59:36
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