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Muscles and Minds Forum

Welcome to a forum set up for ongoing discussion of the relation of the mind to the body. You are warmly invited to join in with an account of your own experiences in either of these realms--or in the space where they interact.

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relation of mind and body
Name: Anne Dalke
Date: 2005-11-18 08:58:38
Link to this Comment: 17061

Welcome! This forum takes its start from an exhibit in the Bryn Mawr College Library called Building Muscles While Building Minds: Athletics and the Early Years of Women's Education. The conversation continued in a talk about the relationship of bodies and minds @ a women's college (both historically and in the present), and continued further in person thereafter. I'm hoping it will continue even further here. You don't have to review the earlier material; just join in--with an account of your own experiences in either the realm of the mind or of the body, or--better!--in the space where they interact.

Forum Archived
Name: Webmaster
Date: 2006-08-08 11:01:35
Link to this Comment: 20142

This forum has now been archived and is closed to new postings. If you are interested in continuing the conversation, please contact Serendip. We like to hear from you.

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