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SENCER Brain Caucus Forum

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Name: Paul Grobstein
Date: 2005-08-11 16:53:13
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Welcome to an on-line forum area for continuing our conversations in the Brain caucus at the 2005 SENCER Summer Institute. Glad you're here, looking forward to seeing what we can make together.

A few of the reasons to take seriously the brain as a SENCER course initiative as I recall them from our meeting in San Jose:

And a few things on Serendip that might be relevant

Add your thoughts about a SENCER initiative in this area. And resources you know of that might be useful/relevant. And ... whatever else you think might keep the ball rolling. If you know of others who might be interested, by all means invite them to join in as well. Let's see whether we can use our initial enthusiasm to make something concrete/useful here by sharing our ideas, interests, and expertise.

Behavioral and Neural Genetics
Name: Terry R. M
Date: 2005-08-21 07:41:29
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I couldn't come to this caucus because I was running one of my own at SENCER 2005. It is obvious that SENCER will have to empahsize courses for majors as well as non majors to be renewed. My last course to be SENCERized was Behavioral and Neural Genetics which I taught at Rutgers in Spring 2005. I used current event as an attention getter at the start of each class but during the semester I had students read the research papers for those current events and structured group work around the research behind those current events. The brain, or brain and behavior etc are perfect courses to introduce SENCER style activities.

I am looking forward to the forum.

Forum Archived
Name: Webmaster
Date: 2006-08-08 10:59:32
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