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Name: So who are you writing for? For yourself, and for others at Bryn Mawr, students, faculty, and staff. . But also for the world. This is a "public" forum, so people anywhere on the web might look in (and might even add their own thoughts in progress, though that doesn't in fact often happen).

That's the second thing to keep in mind here. You're writing for yourself, AND for others you might or might not know. So, your thoughts in progress can contribute to the thoughts in progress of LOTS of people. The web is giving increasing reality to the idea that there can actually evolve a world community, and you're part of helping to bring that about. Glad to have you along, and hope you value/enjoy sharing the activity.

Many thanks
Name: Eleanor St
Date: 2003-09-27 12:50:39
Link to this Comment: 6648

Hello all -

It was lovely to meet you all. I just wish we had a few more hours to talk! You all asked great questions.

Please feel free to contact me with further questions or to follow up on some of the discussions we were having about your individual post-graduation plans. Now you all have my email address!

cheers, eleanor

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