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Name: Paul Grobstein
Date: 2003-07-01 10:57:11
Link to this Comment: 5797

Its taken us a while to get this exhibit put together, but I'm excited about having it here and more than ever convinced it was worth the time and effort. Whatever one's reactions to Janna's images (I like them a lot; they appeal to me visually and make me think) ... that's actually the point, of course. WHATEVER one's reactions, sharing those reactions can help us better understand one another. And through better understanding one another, seeing more clearly our similarities and differences, perhaps we can learn to more effectively value one another. And from that, perhaps, we can build new kinds of communities and societies where no one feels unseen/disenfranchised/disabled, where everyone instead shares the satisfactions of being recognized/appreciated/empowered.

If you share a vision of that kind, join in and let's see what we can collectively make of Janna's images, of eating disorders and body image, and ... of our own lives, individually and collectively.

Stern Exhibit
Name: Lisa Smith
Date: 2003-09-02 20:23:11
Link to this Comment: 6301

I really liked the Exhibit. Wonderfully thought-provoking for me. I didn't seem to resonate especially with any one picture-although the one that had the man's face in the woman's mons pubis made me think of "woman bringing forth man-complete." I took them all in with so much satisfaction, and the comments with so much self-recognition. I didn't find them very disturbing-although I am by turns fat or thin (depends on my life circumstances, and have suffered foolish commentary from stupid men enamored of my ample chest (and nothing more). I never lacked for caustic returns of my own-but, how I wish it wasn't so. Thank you, Janna Stern and Paul Grobestein! Lisa

Size Zero? I wish!
Name: ZP
Date: 2004-01-12 23:01:51
Link to this Comment: 7602

I am a size zero based on the fashion industry. The size zero is a marketing ploy in the fashion industry. When I was 15 and 30 lbs lighter I was a 3/4. I gained 20 pounds in 5 years and became a 1/2. I am now a size zero and the clothes are too big. I can't be a negative. They weren't thinking about that when they decided to reduce the clothing sizes for marketing. They decided women would buy more if they fit into a size less. Just to back this finding up, I wore my mother's dress from the 1960's and the label said SIZE 8. At the time I wore a 1/2. I still had trouble breathing. If you want to buy the ideal that you can fit into a size lower without doing the work, then you are the one being played. Stand up for your size. Stand up for the beautiful person you are and don't play into the fashion industry. They are hoping by just a number that you will buy, even if it fits you or not. Just stop the jurisdiction over your body and buy what looks good. If a girl who can't find pants to wear because she would have to be negative, but 30 years ago would be 8 sizes positive, then that is something to put the fashion police on.

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Name: Webmaster
Date: 2006-11-28 14:39:41
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