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Women, Sport, Film (FWS) Forum

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Week 1 Question
Name: Amy Campbe
Date: 2003-01-31 12:16:03
Link to this Comment: 4337

Week 1
Welcome to our e-forum. As we explore the image of women in sport as framed by film, we hope you will enjoy participating in this on-line forum with other FWS'ers

Please start your response with a note introducing yourself to your forum group.
Respond to either one of the following two questions. Feel free to return to your forum and see what others have written and continue the 'conversation".

1. What makes Title IX a social justice issue and why? How does it impact women today not just athletes, but the culture of access and equity for women's participation in any area that has a history of male dominance.

2. What is the cultural ideal of women in sport? How does it differ from men?

Week 2 Questions
Name: Amy Campbe
Date: 2003-02-07 11:30:31
Link to this Comment: 4477

Week 2 Questions. Please respond to at least one of the questions. Particiapnts may also continue to comment on the questions from week 1. To read the comments of the Week 1 questions, please refer to the archived link.

1. What is the meaning of the images used in the popular media that portray women? Portray women athletes? Give some examples of positive images and some negative images. Look at the WNBA website for an interesting look at the intersection of media and women's professional sport.

2. What role does gender play as enhancing the athletic image of women in sport? What influence, what difference, did the image of Velvet as being gender neutral and in fact trying to pass as a male jockey. What does this say about women in sport, women in male domains, and the cultural ideal of women? Is this applicable toady?

3. How does the cultural ideal of sport relate to the cultural ideal of women in society?

For those students who watched National Velvet, add the question:
Are you, or did you ride horses in your youth? Describe the passion of riding horses. How would you describe the link between gender as portrayed in the movie?

WEEK 3 questions
Name: Amy Campbe
Date: 2003-02-16 16:10:21
Link to this Comment: 4624

The class at Smith, Bryn Mawr and Wesleyan have viewed a few different films--all films have themes that connect to the larger questions of women and sport. Please respond to the questions based upon the films you have watched. Feel free to comment on the themes that link all of our classes together in the broader conversation about women, sport, Title IX, gender etc. Enjoy the conversation!!

1. What is the cultural ideal displayed by the main characters in each film? What norms/ideals of the time, do the characters challenge and expand?

2. What is the relationship between the main characters in the films and their message about women and sport? Has it had an impact on what is happening in women's sport today? How does it effect womne who are not engaged in sport?

3. How does the media - print - video/movie - web - portary women and sport? Is it helpful?

Love and Basketball
Name: Liza
Date: 2003-02-18 16:43:45
Link to this Comment: 4662

One of the main aspects of the movie that caught my attention was Monica's "attitude problem". The way that emotionality was seen in the film was negative for female but postive for male. For Q, he was allowed to show aggression, and that showed his love for the sport. As for Monica, she was seen as having an attitude problem, she would get so emotionally involved in the game that she got caught up in the calls. However, this was a negative reflection on Monica. She was seen as being out of control and having a bad temper, hence, why she wasn't getting recruited by schools. Monica really just loved the game and was getting into it, both mentally and physically. This makes me think of Denis Rodman and how his bad temper and craziness gets him publicity in the NBA and is only seen as a problem if he breaks the law. I can relate to the way Monica gets emotionally involved in sports. She puts so much time, effort and heart into basketball that it's impossible for her to not get wrapped up in it all. Also, since most women's sports don't conitnue on to a professional level, women aren't seen as being soley athletes. They're expected to have other interests and priorities in their lives. Thus, society doesn't understand how a female can get so involved in her sport; while, it's acceptable in society for men to be all about their sport, because they can continue on to a professional level. Thus they don't need to have other priorities in their lives.

Week 4 Questions
Name: Amy Campbe
Date: 2003-02-22 09:35:56
Link to this Comment: 4751

Please answer one of the three questions:

1. Is it advancement for women in sport, that the main character is the first woman on the cover of SURFING magazine? Why or why not?

2. (Same as week #1) What is the cultural ideal of women in sport? And how does it differ from men?

3. How does this film stereotype the main and supporting characters in this film?

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