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Name: Ron Ison
Date: 2002-05-14 14:29:30
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I was just back in Togo in february of 2002 and spent time in Ayakope. When I was a volunteer from 1984 to 1987 I helped with the construction of bridges between Agbouleve and Ayakope. After me two volunteers, Kate and Ginny helped to build a well in Ayakope. I think around 1990. In february the well runs dry. The women come to dig under the bridges searching for water and sand which has caused one bridge to slip on one end. They can still use it but if they keep digging it will fall. We talked in the village about not continuing to dig under the bridges but they really need a long term water solution. There is not yet water or electricity in Ayakope nor Agbouleve which is maybe 10 kilometers away on the national route. I have ppictures of the well and bridge if you are interested. I have gotten a quote on constructing a well to serve 6000 people which is roughly the population of Ayakope but it might be wiser to look at tying Ayakope and Agbouleve together in one system since neither has electricity or water.
Is ther any interest on your part in being involved in any wy in this project?

Ron Ison

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Date: 2007-04-26 12:14:03
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