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history repeatingitself
Date: 2002-12-08 04:06:26
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Dear Sir,

We are living in time when i see as that history is repeating itself too the last.I observed a friend of mine that he was capable enough of becoming the chairman of ITC India ltd ( a 15000 crore group). But i also observed that he was a precursor to being another gandhi. i.e a chairman of ITC in time would be another Gandhi.

For More details contact me on mail

As Indian companies do not do basic research they are always in a threat of being outdated by technology. For example there comes out a cloth, which does not need washing by soap see how many industries render useless. So we are in the hands of foreign companies (technology). Indian companies are as strong as the Indian government. As the Indian govt. fails to Indian companies, more foreign companies will enter India. Slowly they will gain market acceptance and dominance. Indian companies will fall into the trap. They will become like the Indian king & their kingdoms. The situations will be similar as the old times.

We have to ask a question

Why Gandhi Ji was born only in India.

The surrounding environment is like this, people are like this the situation at that time was right for a person like Gandhi Ji to come in

Similarly when the time is right we will see another Gandhi Ji.

Why it will be a chairman of ITC in India

How I got this idea

I was observing my friend and was finding him to be capable of becoming chairman of ITC. On observing him further I saw in him all the characteristics, which could develop him as another Gandhi (IF he was taken into the same time frame when Gandhi Ji. was born)

Chain of events

!. K.L.chugh (Ex chairman ITC) 2 (Swastika Kaveeshwar (future chairman ITC) ------3) X ------4) --------5)--------6) Gandhi Ji

Why chairman

He is going to be chairman of ITC. So a person similar to him. He was similar to K.L. chugh

If you want to believe and you need more examples to understand the matter .I can give you more observation, which will happen in a year, or two.

I wish to start a dialog with you where in I send inputs and you give analysis on them and then again I send the mass inputs

I have 10 to 12 levels in my mind >but I also do not know which level has generated this idea. I f you remain interested I will prove to you how I have reached this calculation.

If I sound impolite or disrespectful anywhere in this letter kindly understand

I will be sending you another reply where I will take help of my friend where I hope to be more communicative and provide better reasoning

This letter I have written in 15 minutes time so it is bound to be vague at time.

Kindly consider. And please do not shut the dialogue with me.

If I have raised more question in your mind rather than answering them. Kindly write to me back. I f given time I can realize that the path we are on has only one result.

History has already started repeating itself I have observed 2-3 specific cases where I have become sure they are exact copy of earlier events.

Thanks and regard

(Ruchir Bapna)

The NSTP Theory as a Philosophical/Scientific Mast
Name: Kedar Josh
Date: 2004-11-01 17:38:17
Link to this Comment: 11308

The NSTP ( Non – Spatial Thinking Process ) theory, a published invention of Kedar Joshi ( b. 1979 ) (i.e.Myself), a Cambridge ( England ) based philosopher, is a position that, in computer terminology, regards Universe as a Non – Spatial Computer and Space as a Virtual Reality (UNSCSVR). This model of reality can resolve the mysteries surrounding quantum mechanics ( e.g. the wave – particle duality, the EPR ( Einstein – Podolsky – Rosen ) paradox, the Schrodinger’s cat paradox ), Zeno’s paradoxes, the biological phenomena of ‘protein folding’ and ‘cell development and differentiation’, relativity, action at a distance ( which is a rehabilitated mystery through Joshi’s work ), etc. All these mysterious phenomena are, in fact, multiple aspects of a singular underlying structure, composed of four conceptual elements : 1.impossibility of spatial mechanism as a form of illusion 3.phenomenal mind as non – spatial 4.intelligent orderly execution of spatial events through non – spatial mechanism The NSTP theory is the unique theoretical representation of that structure. The NSTP theory is a philosophical / scientific masterkey that unifies apparently diverse phenomena through its powerful non – spatial mechanical framework. The NSTP theory is based on A] Three axioms ( i.e. self – evident truths ) : (One's objection that these propositions are not axiomatic is nothing but one's inability to perceive the truth. These propositions are clearly axiomatic to the author.) 1) Phenomenal mind ( or feelings or qualia ) is non – spatial. i.e. No kind of feeling, e.g. feeling of colour blue, can be represented by any spatial structure. 2) All kinds of experiences, even thoughts I know I am having, are feelings or qualias. 3) A phenomenally conscious self is a temporal stream of non – spatial phenomenal mental events. ( A Non – Spatial Thinking Process (NSTP), as every feeling is itself a thought or idea. ) B] And two hypotheses : 1) Space ( as a room or void out there : whether three or higher dimensional, bounded or unbounded ) is a virtual reality ( i.e. a form or projection of non - spatial mind, a kind of feeling ). 2) Individual or local NSTPs are orderly ( or thoughtfully ) executed by a gigantic, central, or global NSTP ( rather a group of NSTPs ), representing superhuman thoughts or ideas, in order to account for the order in the universe, e.g. the gravitational phenomenon. ( The central non – spatial superhuman thoughts are processed in zero time because of no spatial limitations; e.g. in space it takes time to transfer data from one spatial location to another. Although a conscious human is nothing but an NSTP it is, at least partially, conceptually, as opposed to physically, bound to the spatial biochemical brain, and thus the core NSTPs introduce time lag in processing of individual NSTPs, where appropriate. ) Further, the existence of the central NSTPs is assumed for two reasons : i) In any machine where its peripherals are not intelligent enough to modulate ( or be able to account for ) their own behaviour there has to be some central intelligent part in the machine to bring out the peripheral happenings or phenomena. ii) As the laws of physics ( or any other than those of pure mathematics or logic ) are not logically or conceptually necessary there has to be a way to change the ways individual NSTPs are generated ( or produced or executed ). And for that to be possible there has to be some central intelligence existing in the form of ( non – spatial ) mental events, which itself could be modulated to alter the modulation of individual NSTPs. Thus, in computer terminology, in the NSTP model of reality the hardware of the universe is composed of non – spatial feelings, while its central software is made of superhuman thoughts, and the peripheral software is made of non – superhuman ones. Now take for instance the EPR paradox or some equivalent mysterious experimental quantum phenomenon ( e.g. In 1997 experiments were conducted in which light particles ( photons ) originated under certain conditions and travelled in opposite directions to detectors located about seven miles apart. The amazing results indicated that the photons interacted or communicated with one another instantly or in no time. See Robert Nadeau, and Menas Kafatos, 1999. The non – local universe. 1st ed. Oxford : OUP. Back page. ). According to the NSTP theory this is no longer a mystery as the behaviour of photons is just a form of illusion, a virtual reality ( to non – spatial mind/s ) which is actually modulated ( or orderly executed ) by hidden / core non – spatial superhuman mental events. ( Again in analogy with spatial desktop computers such a photonic behaviour on the computer monitor screen has no slightest mystery surrounding it, as it is just a changing pattern of pixels which is modulated by some hidden software processes. ) The NSTP theory maintains both idealism ( as reality is exclusively mental ) and realism ( as the material entities we see out there do have a real existence in the core central non – spatial mind/s, which would exist independent of any other mind perceiving them ), and both mentalism ( as reality is exclusively mental ) and materialism ( as mind is real, it is physical / material ). ‘Philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean the universe - which stands continually open to our gaze, but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and interpret the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it.’ - Galileo Galilei In reality the universe has no geometry. - Kedar Joshi The Ultramodern Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica : The Foundations of Ultramodern Science and Philosophy.

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