Measure for Measure

"Hidden and invisible to the world. Using vivid colors in an almost cartoon-like fashion to be seen. Anything to be noticed or recognized."

"The drive to be perfect here in Southern California does make me want to do ridiculous things to my body. I will get plastic surgery to stop one little defect, then think of something else I can have done. I am so focused on my body and my weight. Few people know me, they only see the image, it is all about image. Even though I see it, I canít stop messing with my body."

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Cold and Distant Mother
Don't Play With Me
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Flagrante Bello
Hungry Heart
In God's Ear
Past, Present, Future
She's Size Zero
Sleeping Nymph
Sore Thumb
Throwing Up
Under Control
Why Perfect Perfection?
Winter Coats
Woman Warrior