Measure for Measure

"Boxed in and trapped. The dilemma of the binge eater. The obese woman is the big box trying to show the world that see is the small box. The anorexic is the small box that believes she is the big box. The bulimic is also represented by the fingerless girl who has so violently thrown-up that there is blood rolling off her hands."

"En Treat puts me in touch with my personal struggle. I am hungry for food and affection but if I eat or if I reach out to someone for love, I will be overwhelmed by feeling full and fat. I have to control my need to eat and love or I will devour everything. I struggle to make my body attractive and inviting, but feel hungry and rejected if I am not perfect. The tension makes me angry and I push others away. It is vicious circle, I can't escape and people don't believe how desperate I am."

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