Measure for Measure

"A Restaurant Menu. Perhaps the single most terrifying sight to a person with an eating disorder. What will she eat? What will people think of her choice? Will it be enough? Will it be too much? Is the bathroom private enough in case she needs to throw up after or during the meal? The menu leaves the compulsive eater feeling naked, afraid, venerable and exposed for all the world to see."

"Other things in life are inviting but nothing brings me as much comfort as food. I am obsessed with it and think about it constantly. These two women appear mesmerized by the attraction of the food and ambience."

"Society makes food and the socialization that goes with it so attractive, people do not realize what a pull it has for me. I feel like the women in Delicacy, on the outside looking in and I dare not partake of the goodies or else I will not be able to keep perfecting my body."

"It is sad that women order food based on how it will impact their body for aesthetic reasons and not for the food's nutritional value."

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