Once Upon a Time is Now: A True Story

Elizabeth Catanese: About the Artist

Elizabeth Catanese is a Bryn Mawr College junior majoring in Art History and Creative Writing. She grew up making art in Ewing, New Jersey and attended high school at Stuart Country Day School in Princeton where she created her first installation art piece. This was a series of cardboard boxes which could be walked and crawled through. Each box represented a different idea about transcendence.

Ideas for Once Upon A Time Is Now: A True Story, began to emerge during a Contemporary Art and Theory class which she took in the Spring of 2004 and continued to grow and evolve through conversation with friends and teachers from her past and present. She was grateful to receive funding from the Dean's office to live at Bryn Mawr and create the installation in the basement of English House in the Summer of 2004. Elizabeth considers her installation projects to be stage sets activated and enhanced by viewer engagement and is in love with the storytelling potential of art.


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