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Tangled tongues of greenery
Tender footed shoots
Gregarious smidgens
Shanked globes
Shored stalks

Plottede pulpit
Lagooned arrangement
Pacific walkway
Goulashed poles
Placid platform

Celebrated garden
Garbed and garnished
Gamut of florid galleries
Genesis of genius
Genteel Giverny


Overture overheard
Invocated prologue
Exact and ceremonious
Forestalling oncoming
Kneeling her post

Her visage encombered
Opacity uneven
Onus odorous
Odyssey occluded
Vacinity planted

Phantom oracle
Or dusked verity
Maiden perfection
Buoyant being
Cease oration

Recite genus
Chronicle birth species
Narrate germination
Sprout your fable
Pollenate your orbit


My pose is practical
My garment is pouched
Ovuled with embryo
My function is production
Progeny my largess

Tawney coolness my means
Drizzle my drug
Unfurled umbrella my vein
Authority primordial
My path straitforward

Notice this garden of delight
Even gloom and sunless dimming
Dazzles and darns the soul
Divine display of sleeping splendor
Rotates radiance and spins the spirit


Priestess binding reproductions
Bewitching offspring and artist alike
Creating and plotting designs
Revealing possibilities
Ordaining impressions

You query genesis
You probe roots
You request genre
You expect replies
You thirst for proclaimations

Apparition or revelation
Reality or illusion
Ask Monet
I am muse
Stamen of creation.

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from The Third Age in Paris
by Arleen T. McCormack

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