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You parceled a table with me
Some nondescript patisserie
Full grown, assured
Le cafe de creme in hand
Bundle of mantgeau, chapeau and foulard in chestnut

No augmented expression
No rush arrayed
No text read
No stylo in hand
No note taken

Patrons inspected you greedily
Generous in gazed praise
You sat precisely

Smiling secrets
Garbed in lowered eyes
Your beauty
Taking breath

You fished deep in your cup
Swishing your metal lure
Again child in aquatic pursuit
Tongue-lapping your catch

My thoughts drifted past
Icecream outings
White pinafors au deux
Grand in both memory and time gone by

You glanced my way
Our pugged snoops paired
You made me happy all day long.

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from The Third Age in Paris
by Arleen T. McCormack

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