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It was as though she and Antigone uttered a macaronic patois
Not alone in conveyance but in thesis

Blended amalgamate
Divided alloy
Articulation all of Polynices’ side
Sisterhood unfolded diminutive surface
On this ill-spread surface

Robust and strong in cant
Tongue-lapped in laurel
Faultless and immaculate
Laudable in attraction

Aborting sputterings
Imbecilic rejoinders
Dutiful compliances
Insubordinate and submissive
Mean in measure

Thus regarded ‘receiver
Not a match but customer
In the telling of the moral might
Hence delegated roleless
Neither companion nor partner
In the castigation which will be endured


Where is my exoneration?
Exhortations marked by meekness
Countering arrogance in my understanding
But then, our psyches are curious birthmates

Peculiar in procedure
Eccentric in mode
Singular in style

One temperate and surpressed
One other intoxicated and profuse
Both abundant and amply benevolent

Therefore, where the scour?
Shame me not
Share the blame
Respect the living along with the sibling dead

As you walk in uprightness
Homage yours
Dignity and esteem likewise
Ponder and modify

Fit me in
Forgive my failing
Feeble in acumen
Count my beginnings unsaid

Heed my late-blooming boldness
Heroic and valorous
Stamp me fearless

Alas Antigone
Happy the woman whose cup is free
from the taste of timidity.

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from The Third Age in Paris
by Arleen T. McCormack

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