Biology 361 = Computer Science 361

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2007

Course Schedule

Mon, 22 Jan Intro to course organization and emergence
Wed, 25 Intro to computer modelling as inquiry
Mon, 29 Intro to NetLogo as a modelling environment From the Head to the Heart
Wed, 31 Emergence: a biological/evolutionary perspective and prospectus
Mon, 5 Feb Cellular Automata Wolfram's New Kind of Science, Ch 1 and 2
Wed, 7 Lab
Mon, 12 Cellular Automata - The Wolfram Challenge
Wed, 14 Lab
Mon, 19 Agent Based Modelling I. Agents, Environments, Observers/Manipulators/Designers
Wed, 21 Lab
Mon, 26 Agent Based Modelling II. Deterministic vs non-deterministic systems
Wed, 28 Agent Based Modelling III. Interacting Agents
Mon, 5 March Agent Based Modelling IV. Variation in the agents
Wed, 7 Agent Based Modelling V. The problems of levels of organzation, life, consciousness
Mon, 12 Spring Break
Wed, 14 Spring Break
Mon, 19 Additional perspectives on emergence, student book commentaries
Wed, 21 Additional perspectives on emergence, student book commentaries
Mon, 26 Neural networks I
Wed, 28 Neural networks II
Mon, 27 Network Dynamics I
Wed, 29 Network Dynamics II
Mon, 2 April More complex examples I
Wed, 4 More complex examples II
Mon, 9 Project Development
Wed, 11 Project Development
Mon, 16 Project Development
Wed, 18 Project Development
Mon, 23 Project Presentations
Wed, 25 Project Presentations
Mon, 30 Project Presentations
Wed, 2 May Project Presentations
Fri, 11 May Senior work due
Fri, 18 MayAll work due

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