Biology 361 = Computer Science 361

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2007

Summing up, moving on

Motivations, ideas, potentials, problems

Computer models/modelling as inquiry

"Simple things interacting in simple ways can yield surprisingly complex outcomes"

A Schema for Emergence as a BIG Idea
(from Emerging Emergence, A Report on Progress (Oct 2004)

Both conductors and planners/architects are themselves products of on ongoing process of emergence. So too is the brain, meaning, purpose, science, and inquiry itself.

All are (non-deterministically?) derivitive of properties and interactions that existed at earlier stages of emergence and that persist at lower levels of organization. Having come into existence, each becomes both an influence on lower levels of organization and an ingredient for the creation of new levels.

Useful for better understanding concepts ... Trying Out Unpeeling the Onion: The Meanings of "Purpose"

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