Biology 361 = Computer Science 361
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006

Welcome to the home page for a one-semester course at Bryn Mawr College, spring semester, 2006. Students (and visitors) should be aware that this is a "non-traditional" science course is several respects.

Course instructors:

Douglas Blank
Park Room 246B
610 236-6535

Paul Grobstein
Park Room 106
610 536-5098

Course requirements:
  • Active participation in all class sessions
  • Timely completion of assigned readings (available on the web or as handouts)
  • Participation at least weekly in a public course blog
  • A midterm paper reviewing a relevant book and made available on the web
  • A final course project consisting of a computer model and analysis of its behavior

Midterm paper and presentation 30 %
Final project and presentation 30%
Participation in class 20 %
Participation in on-line blog 20%

Students who think they may need accommodations in this course because of the impact of a disability are encouraged to meet with either course instructor early in the semester. Students should also contact Stephanie Bell, Coordinator of Access Services, at 610-526-7351 in Canwyll House, as soon as possible, to verify their eligibility for reasonable accommodations. Early contact will help to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and delays.

Course blog: serendip.brynmawr.edu/blog/emergence361
Course schedule
List of suggested books for review
Commentaries on emergence related books Password-protected materials


Book commentary posting

Additional resources: