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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

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WWW Resource Supplements for College Introductory Biology

(Developing, and organized in relation to, Biology 103 at Bryn Mawr College)


Life on Earth Home Page, links (and other things) from Prentice-Hall, publishers of the Bio 103 course textbook

MIT Biology Hypertextbook

The Biology Project, an interactive online resource for learning biology, from the University of Arizona

Human Biology, a course by Robert Huskey, University of Virginia, with nice illustrations, list of links

Introductory Biology Courseware, a wealth of lecture notes/illustrations by Gary Anderson, Department of Biology, University of Southern Mississippi

World Lecture Hall, Biology and Botony, links from the University of Texas

BioTech, "to enrich the public's knowledge of biology and chemistry", from the University of Indiana

Biology animations, from Steve Berg, Winona State University

A number of periodicals which publish relevant (and timely) material make available some or all of that material on the web and/or have additional material specifically developed for the web. These include:


Tree of Life, "a distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity", rooted at the University of Arizona

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server, from Cornell University

Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology, including Microbe of the Week and Microbe Zoo

All the Virology on the WWW, includes The Big Picture Book of Viruses


American Museum of Natural History

Life Over Time, an exhibit from the Field Museum, Chicago

Museum of Paleontology, University of California at Berkeley, with info and links on systematics and cladistics, on taxonomy and diversity, and on geologic time


General, Organic, and Biochemistry - lecture slides, animations, periodic table, from James Hardy, University of Akron, and West Publishing Company

Animations of molecular dynamics, from Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Darmstadt. Germany

Medical Biochemistry, from Medical Education Group, University of Kansas Medical Center

Primer on Molecular Genetics, from the Department of Energy, Human Genone Management Information System

Recombinant DNA review, from MIT Biology Hypertextbook, by Vernon Ingram

Introduction to Gene Therapy, an on-line course from the Clinical Research Center, Vanderbilt University

Entrez Molecular biology search tool, from the National Center for Biotechnology Information


Cells Alive! Some wonderful pictures, from Quill Graphics.

Virtual Cell, to explore, from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cell Biology, beautifully illustrated lectures on a number of cell biology topics from a graduate course at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

WWW Cell Biology Course

Medical Histology Atlas, from the University of Wisconsin Medical School

Histology and Pathology, from Indiana University

The Kinesin Home Page

Glycolysis online

Interactive Krebs Cycle, an enormous wealth of intermediary metabolism information


MendelWeb, Mendel, history of science, plus

Virtual FlyLab, interactive genetics from California State University, Los Angeles

Genetics databases teaching exercise, from Weizmann Institute, Genome and Bioinformatics

Human Genome Project

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, from the National Center for Biotechnology Information


Welcome to Developmental Biology, course notes with links from Leon Browder, University of Calgary

The Virtual Embryo, continuously developing (as it should be) resource provider, also from Leon Browder

Zygote, from Scott Gilbert, Swarthmore College.

Developmental Biology, with movies, from Bill Wasserman, Loyola University

FishScope, fish development, with movies, from the University of Washington

Amphibian development, from the University of Wisconsin

Human embryo development, from University of Pennsylvania

The Interactive Fly, Drosophila genetics/development, from the Society for Developmental biology

Developmental Biology, World Wide Web Virtual Library, from the Society for Developmental Biology

Plants in Motion, from Roger Hangarter, Department of Biology, Indiana University

Visual Models of Morphogenesis: A Guided Tour, from Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary


The Interactive Frog Dissection

Virtual Frog Dssection Kit

The Visible Human Project, from the National Library of Medicine

The Heart: An OnLine Exploration, from the Franklin Institute

Global Anatomy On-line resources from Department of Anatomy, University of Wisconsin - currently includes several sections on neuroanatomy as well as a medical histology atlas

Digital Anatomist Program, Neuroanatomy, neuroscience, gross morphology with interactive labelling, from University of Washington

The Whole Brain Atlas, from Harvard Medical School

Neuroscience Tutorial Functional neuroanatomy, from Washington University School of Medicine

The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book, by Peter K. Kaiser, York University, Canada


Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory - "Earth's biggest environment search engine"

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a nice course outline with links, by David Bogler, University of Texas

Population Dynamics Models, Java implementation of a variety of models, from the Section on Animal Ecology, Leiden University

Genetic Tools for a Sustainable Future, thoughts on the Green Revolution and beyond, by Bruno Sobral

Linking Biodiversity and Agriculture, from the World Resources Institute


The Origin of Animal Body Plans, an article by Erwin, Valentine, and Jabblonski, from the American Scientist

Origins of Humankind, "a comprehensive resource site ..."

Human Prehistory: An Exhibition, wonderful pictures, assembled by D.I. Loizos, Professor of History, American College of Greece

The Long Foreground: Human Prehistory, a general education course module from Washington State University

Artificial Life Online


Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

BioQuest Curriculum Consortium, centered at Beloit College

CELS, Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences

Access Excellence, "a pace in cyberspace for biology teaching and learning", supported by Genentech

Bio 1 Virtual Lab, from Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C.

GenScopeA modelling package, intended to link from molecules to populations, with links to related materials.

Assembled by Paul Grobstein, with help from lots of friends (see Peter Brodfuehrer's home page, with course links).
Please suggest additions.

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