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Biology 103
Web Reports 1997
From Serendip


As part of their required work for Biology 103, an introductory biology course at Bryn Mawr College, students used the World Web Wide to prepare papers, with appropriate web references, on topics of individual interest. Some of the resulting papers are made available here, as resources for anyone interested in finding out more about particular areas of biology, and as evidence of the kinds of material available on the web and the ways people are currently able to make use of it.
Dena BodianBiological Humor
Marie BuendiaJellyfish
Annaliese ButlerTwo-faced Proteins (Prions)
Sara DavisThe Sexuality of Flowers
Christian DuCombTeetering on the Brink: Declining Sea Turtle Populations
Alicia EbbittParkinson's Disease
Rebecca KagleThe Evolutionary Steps of Fish
Dara NewmanThe Genetics of Homosexuality
Kate M.G. StephensonHydroponics (Leaves Serendip - Use browser back button to return)
Nicole StevensonFour Common College Ailments
Suzanne WarrenRemember This: Memory and the Brain

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