Biology 103
Fall, 2006

Book Commentaries

Students were asked to read a relevant book and compare and contrast the understandings of biology from that book with those acquired from lecture/discussion/lab. Comparisons with textbooks* were particularly encouraged.

Simone BiowBiology, Campbell and Reece, 2005*
Sarah GaleBiology, Campbell and Reece, 2005*
Karen GinsburgPale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan
Amelia JordanBetrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health by Laurie Garrett
Georgia LawrenceBiology, Campbell and Reece, 2005*
Courtney MalpassAnd the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the Aids Epidemic by Randy Shilts
Kelsey McMillenSpook by Mary Roach
Cayla McNallyBiology: An Exploration of Life, Keeton and McFadden, 1995*
Sarah MellorsBiology: Discovering Life, Levine and Miller, 1991*
Angely MondestinLife: The Unfinished Experiment by Salvadore Luria
Hannah MuellerMapping the Mind by Rita Carter
Kali NobleAt the Water's Edge: Fish with Fingers, Whales with Legs, and How Life Came Ashore But Then Went Back, by Carl Zimmer
Corey NorcrossSeriously Loopy Science vs Traditional Science*
Arielle SchecterStories of Life, Told in Time, a commentary on the Bible
Kelly SoudachanhSpook, by Mary Roach

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