Biology 103
2005 First Web Reports
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Biology, 2005

Students were expected, in lieu of midterm examinations, to select topics of interest to themselves and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Norma AltshulerUnderstanding the Clitoris Historically
Lizzy de VriesBreastfeeding: Beneficial For Both Children and Mothers
Katie DriscollTwo of a Kind: A Study of Identical Twins and the Environment
Zachary GrunauDefining Life: The Virus
Stephanie HuntFactors influencing multiple sclerosis
Sara KoffHunter's Struggle: The Story of Niemann Pick's Disease
Nick KreftingBiological Classification Schemes and their Relation to Societies
Matthew LoweThe Plague and Development of Modern Medicine
Iris MejiaUnderstanding HPV
Magdalena MichalakHantavirus
Keti SheaMultiple Sclerosis: Autoimmunty and Genetics
Scott SheppardBuprenorphine: The Drug Addicts Should have Seen Years Ago
Brom SnyderWalking with a Loaded Gun: Pandemics, Genetic Engineering, and Chimp Meat
Zach WithersBrain-Machine Interfaces: An Upgrade to Nature's Design?

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