Biology 103
2001 First Web Reports
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Biology, 2001

Students were expected, in lieu of midterm examinations, to select topics of interest to themselves and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Emi Arima The Effects of Obesity on Adolescent Development*
H.A. It Was Bound to Happen: Medicine Meets the Internet
A.B. The Debate of Panspermia: Are We the Descendents of Aliens?
Vivian Bishay Jaws Returns?*
Jessica Blucher What IS this stuff?: The World of Slime Molds
Deb Charamella Rett Syndrome
Tua Chaudhuri There and Back Again: An Artist's Exploration of the Science behind Art and Creativity
Jackie Chew The Effects of Alcohol on the Body
Melissa Cook The Catch-22 of Breast Cancer Treatment
Christy Cox Risking Biological Warfare
Sana Dada Alzheimer's Disease
Akudo Ejelonu What is the Human Genome Project-Why Is It Important To Society*
Savithri Ekanayake The 'Perfect' Female (an analysis of Biology of Beauty)
Katherine Fallon The Detriments of a Hospital Delivery
Charlotte Ford Applying Step One to finding genetic cure for Alcoholism*
Claudia Ginanni The RNA World and Beyond: Scientific Speculation on the Origin of Life
Sasha Karlins Apocalypse Now. Why Not?
Jessica Kiefer An Overview of Forensic Anthropology
Ilana Moyer Alternative ADD/ADHD Remedial Methods
Caitlin O'Keefe Man's Evolution
Rianna Ouellette "Brake for Moose; It Could Save Your Life"- Really!
Lydia Parnell See the Patriarchy Tumblin' Down!: Using Sociobiology to Bolster Feminist Claims
Margaret Pendzich Cervical Cancer: The Issue in Developing Nations
Leah RaynerExploring Dyslexia
Rebecca Roth Organic or not Organic?
Helena Salles Is Cloning a Good Excuse?
Heather Shelton Bioluminescence: Fireflies and the Future
Sarah Sterling Companion Pets
Jennifer Trowbridge The Significance of Biodiversity: Why We Should Protect the Natural Environment*
Debbie Wang Music, Language, and the Brain
Joelle Webb Obesity
Julie Wise Leaf Transmutation

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