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Fall, 2001


This is the home page for a one-semester introductory biology course at Bryn Mawr College, fall semester, 2001.

Lab assignments

You're invited to join
a forum discussion of 11 September 2001
a forum discussion of Brain/body/mind/soul: how many of these does one need to think about mental health?

First web papers posted.

Adjusted second web paper deadline ... turn in any time between 12 November and 19 November. Second lab report remains due in lab the week of 19 November..

Adjustment in lab schedule: No labs the week of Thanksgiving. Time to Think lab the following week. No additional labs.

Stephen Altschul
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Protein Sequence Comparison in Biomedical Research
Thursday, 4 pm, Park Room 229

Maxine Savitz '58
Honeywell Corporation
Energy Efficiency: The Missing Link In Energy Technology and Policy
Friday, 4 pm, Park 180

Play of Embraces
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7:30 pm, Goodhart
(includes Charlotte Ford)


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