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Fall, 2001


This is the home page for a one-semester introductory biology course at Bryn Mawr College, fall semester, 2001.

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Lab assignments

Adjusted web paper deadline ... turn in any time between 1 October and 8 October. First lab report on either of first two labs due (as originally) in lab week of 8 October. See Lab Report notes.

Thursday 4 October, 4 pm, Park 229:

Rebecca Schneider
"Lakeshore Plants and Groundwater: The Invisible Factor"

Friday 5 October, 4:30 pm, Park 338

Russell Deaton
"Mathematical Molecules: An Introduction to DNA Computing"

Tuesday 9 October, 7 pm, Thomas 110:

Elio Frattaroli
"Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain"
Followed by panel/open discussion:
"Brain-Body-Mind-Soul: How may of these does one need and why?"


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