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- l0 Oct 1998 - All-But-Disertation in the PhD program in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College. Expected graduation date: May 2000.
- 18 May 1997 - Master Degree in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College. MA paper: Wavelets, Splines and Multiresolution Analysis. The paper focuses on the image compression using wavelets and multiresolution analysis. (postscript,756k)
- l July 1995 - Master Degree in Computer Science from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest in the fields: Operating Systems, Compilers and Data Bases. My dissertation was a client-server system based on the X11 graphic library, called "Interactive Graphic Data Analyser". The server captures and process data from different clients allowing the user to choose between several modes of representation (pie charts, histogram, graphs, etc). It provides a protocol to communicate with the clients.

Member of the American Mathematical Society since 1995.
Member of the Association for Computing Machinery since 1996.
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) since 1996 (member #: 40188270).

Data analysis using wavelets, B-splines and FFT.
The study of dynamical systems/chaos.
Numerical Methods - Algorythms
Computer Science:
Operating systems design.
Compilers design.
Web software development.

- 10/1998 - present - Animas Corporation
- developing math algorithms and data calibrations for medical devices; developing software to implement math algorithms; doing data analysis and participating in the medical research programs. Managing the IS, which includes Windows NT and UNIX servers, BayNetworks concentrators, ISDN routers, etc.
- 01/1999 - 05/1999 - Bryn Mawr College - CS Department, teaching a self-designed course in Internet Programming, covering Perl, C++ and Java.
- 02/1996 - 10/1998- System Administration and Software Design Consultant - designed and implemented several business systems on Novell 4.1, Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6. Completely designed and configured (from wireing to software configuration) complex networks based on manageable 10/100 concentrators (3COM, BayNetworks, CISCO, ...) and coax cable. Configured Internet Access Servers using both proxy servers and routers, modem, ISDN or T1 lines. Wrote software for insurance companies from Canada (C/C++ on Windows 95). Wrote internet software (CGI/Java) for sales and advertising. Designed complete backup procedures and implemented backup systems for critical data.
- 04/1996 - 10/1998 - Bryn Mawr College Biology Department, doing WWW design (HTML, CGI, Java) and System Administration (Solaris 2.6) for Some of the applets I wrote are now in the JARS Top 25%. The Game of Life applet won the 1996 Big Applet Award for educational applets
- 08/1995 - 04/1996 - Bryn Mawr College COMPUTING CENTER, doing hardware and software service.
- 05/1993 - 08/1995 - SOROS ROMANIAN INTERNET NODE - Position: system administrator. The node consisted of 7 computers running different versions of UNIX (Linux, BSD, NEXTStep, SCO Open System) and a Cisco Router with a 12 modems pool. For the Internet connection we used a satelite dish with a 128k channel. It provided internet access and e-mail facilities for all the high-schools and univeristies in Romania. The daily average traffic was 10 to 30 Mb. I was in charge with system administration (including installation, configuration, kernel rebuilding), network configuration and software installation.
- 05/1993 - 08/1995 - BB Ltd. - I started my own business in Romania, selling PC and Macintosh computers, providing service and consulting for software and hardware. I wrote a number of programs for accounting on Mac OS, using Resourcerer and Think C.
- I became very familiar with the Apple and PC computers hardware.
- I designed, installed and configured several computer networks based on Apple Share and Novell NetWare.
- I taught a self-designed course on Macintosh Programming Skills for 60 students from the Computer Science High School in Bucharest.
- 01/1992 - 05/1993 - ROMANIAN COMPUTER SYSTEMS, which was the authorized dealer for Apple Computer Inc. in Romania and Moldavia.
- Last position: Development Manager.
- Projects I worked on included: the localization of the System Software v7.1 in Romanian. This gave me the opportunity to learn about all the sides of Macintosh family computers and other Apple products. There has also been small software to be localized.
- At the same time I worked in the Sales Department, as a Solution Provider. I had to know all the Apple products, connectivity and third-party products, in order to be able to offer our clients the best Macintosh system for their needs.
- During the last months I have also worked for the Development Projects, including software development.
- I attended courses on working with Macintosh computers in Paris at Apple Computer Europe where I also worked on software development.
- 11/1991 - 01/1992 - COMPUTERLAND in Bucharest. I was employed as a Sales Engineer in the Macintosh department. I sold software, parts, systems and third-party products
- 10/1990 - 01/1992 - I worked part time for the daily newspaper "COTIDIANUL", an opposition newspaper. Here I attended a 4 month course in Desktop Publishing, Technical Editing and Newspaper Layout Design with Mr. Brian Jones from the London "The Guardian" daily newspaper. Afterwards I became Technical Editor.
- Meanwhile I wrote articles for the same newspaper about the students' lives, needs and opinions, as well as about sport events.
- In August 1991 I attended another course (1 month) in newspaper photography and how to arrange photographs using the Macintosh computer.

- The Artificial Pancreas: Between Dream and Reality

- New Algorithms in Applied Multivariate Calculus
- Wavelets, Splines and Multiresolution Analysis
- The billiards game on different shape tables- Assisted 4 undergraduate students from Bryn Mawr College in designing some Java applets which allow the visualization of the billiard motion on different shape tables, such as ellipse, circle, stadium, polygon.
- The Geometry and Topology of the Costa Surface - Wrote software for creating animation sequences which allow the visualization of the transformation of a tri-punctured torus into the Costa Surface using Geomview, Evolver and Mathematica on an SGI computer. The programs where written in C and the programming language of Mathematica
- Interactive Graphic Data Analyser. Client-server application for UNIX systems using X11. The server captures and process data from different clients allowing the user to choose between several modes of representation (pie charts, histogram, graphs, etc). It provides a protocol to communicate with the clients.
- Data Monitoring Servers with Applications in the Industry
- New Directions in Software Development
- C Compiler - Designed the full structure of a C compiler and implemented the lexical analyser and the pre-compiler on a UNIX system.
- P2ASSM - Pascal to Assembler translator implemented on UNIX systems.
- LISP OOP - Developped a functions library providing the basic functions for implementing Object Oriented Programming for LISP.
- QBR - Developped tools for Query-By-Request data bases and their mathematical expresions.
- Desktop Calculator - Designed and implemented calculator software for the alphanumerical terminals using the Curses.X Library for UNIX systems.
- VMS Tools - Designed a set of shell scripts providing benchmarks tests for VMS systems.
- PRED - Designed and implemented a text editor using the Macintosh Computer GUI.
- Software Development for MacOS 7.1
- DPE - A set of tools for company accounting developped on Macintosh OS using Think C, Resourcerer and MPW.
- Arithemtical Logical Unit - Designed and implemented a 32-bit arithmetical logical unit.
- 8086 Based Computer - Designed the complete architecture of a personal computer based on a 8086 microprocessor with serial and parallel interface, HDD and FDD controller, math coprocessor.
- A FORTRAN Interpretor - A FORTRAN 77 interpretor for Sinclair Computers.

- B-Spline Wavelets and Image Compression
- at Imaculata College, Frazer, PA
- The Artificial Pancreas: Between Dream and Reality- at the Romanian Young Diabetics Association in Bucharest, Romania, July 1998
- Robot Projects at Bryn Mawr College - at PELOS'98 international conference in Bucharest, Romania, July 1998
- Image Compression Using Wavelets - at PELOS'98 international conference in Bucharest, Romania, July 1998
- Data Monitoring Servers with Applications in the Industry - at the National Conference for Students in Computer Sciences, Bucharest, Romania, May 1995
- New Directions in Software Development - at the Computer Science HIgh School in Bucharest, Romania, September 1993
- Software Development for MacOS 7.1 - at the Apple Software Developpers Workshop in Paris, France, June 1992
- A FORTRAN Interpretor - at the National Conference for Students in Computer Sciences, Bucharest, Romania, May 1989

- Operating Systems:

DOS, Windows, Windows 9x, Windows NT, OS/2, Mac OS, CP/M, RSX, VMS, UNIX.
- UNIX skills
Since 1990 I worked mainly on UNIX systems like ULTRIX, LINUX, BSD UNIX, NEXT, AUX, NEXTStep, SCO Open System, Solaris and IRIX. I have experience with installation, reconfiguration, building the kernel, compiling programs, configuring the network, web administration, writing shell scripts, etc.
- Computer Languages:
C/C++,Java, Perl, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic, FoxPro, dBase, COBOL, HTML, ASM, LISP, ML, OCAM, SQL, AHPL, Paradox.
- Networking:
I have been working with networking, using LocalTalk, PhoneNet,coax cable and 10/100BaseT. I used PC/NFS, TCP/IP, Novell, Windows NT,UNIX and Apple Share. I configured and managed routers, gateways and concentrators from 3COM, BayNetwors, CISCO and Asante.

Born: Romania, July 22, 1971.
US resident.
Languages: Romanian, English and French