These pictures were taken at the party following Zehra's master thesis presentation

Happy advisor, overworked candidate and mother, sleepy math baby

THE cake - Goooood!!!

THE advisor - Rhonda Hughes

THE candidate and her adorable babygirl - Zehra Akyurt and little Sarah

THE girls
(from left to right: Cathy Battiste, Zehra Akyurt and little Sarah, Prof. Rhonda Hughes, Prof. Lisa Traynor, Mihaela Teodorescu, Becky Roeser)

THE boys
(from left to right: Prof. Victor Donnay, Walter Huddell, Bogdan Butoi, Prof. Paul Melvin, Prof. Peter Kasius, Prof. Ty Cunningham)

"The Romanian Mafia" (this is how Prof. Donnay calls us)
Thoma Mircea Pacuraru and Bogdan Butoi

Rehearsal for future graduation

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