Nora Kasper & Esther Brown found some interesting web sites on sleep.
We felt that because it is such an integral part of everyone's life, that it deserved further discussion.

The sites listed below are from the Neurobiology & Behavior 1998, Evolving Web list.

I would like to go to Serendip.

This is an HHMI site good for students

Intrduction to Sleep and its' Disorders, from the Circadian Learning Centers. This looks like a good general site on sleep.

Introduction to Sleep and its Disorders,Circadian Learning Centers. Circadian rhythms.

Sleep & Memory: Evolutionary Perspectives,Discusses the chain of evolutionary links, from the most primitive neural adaptation of cold-blooded animals to the neural adaptations represented by REM sleep in warm blooded animals.

Memory Consolidation in REM sleep: Dream On This site is a study of memory consolidation in REM sleep.

Sleep Research Society, newsletters pertaining to sleep & the brain.

World Federation of Sleep Research Societies Newsletter.This site is interesting.

World Federation of Sleep Research Societies Newsletter, This site reflects sleep patterns around the world just for fun.

World Federation of Sleep Research Societies Newsletter, sleep art.

Sleepwalking: Insanity or Automatism interesting, legal aspects of sleep walking from Australia.