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what is the job of the teacher?
to water the flowers of the universe.
why do we water the flowers?
so they`ll grow better, not worse

who are the flowers of the universe?
the students we are entrusted with.
those umblemished species of wonderments
who are born with so many different gifts.

when do we water the flowers?
when they are young and very receptive.
we`ll mold them while they are young
not too old and therefore decrepit

where do we water those flowers?
in school buildings from east to west.
will all of us do well?
we`ll simply do our best.

My name is Barbara Johnson I am a part of the BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR INSTITUTE at BRYN MAWR COLLEGE. The Institute has provided me with valuable experience. .

To obtain more information about The Brain And Behavior Instiute you can click here serendip Another area of intrest that I have is with The violence that is occuring in the schools today .I have linked to what I found to be some interesting information for you to browse through. Violence This nex bit of information has some very graphic photos Brain Anatomy